Thursday, November 1, 2012

Time to Celebrate Books!

Yes, it's about that time -- the time when we reflect on the year (how is it going so fast? only two months left in 2012?!? Aahhh!!!) and the time to celebrate. YA author Beth Revis is kicking off the celebratory season with a bang. She's giving away FIFTY SIGNED YA BOOKS over on her blog and all she wants to know is: Why do you love YA?

It seems an easy question. The young adult genre is awesome. There. Done. *dusts off hands*

But, really, it's more than that. Back when I was a teen (eons ago...), there wasn't much in the way of books written specifically for me. Sure there were fabulous books by Judy Blume, SE Hinton's THE OUTSIDERS, and some others but not many that spoke to me at the time. Probably the reason I jumped from middle grade books, paused at the YA selection for a very short time then hopped into romance (Victoria Holt was my major stepping stone).

Nowadays, of course, there's a plethora of young adult novels. Boatloads. A book lover's paradise.

I'm in awe of the fabulosity coming from the YA sector, love reading the offerings and sharing my favorites with my students and my high school's awesome librarians (fellow book lovers -- we geek out over books all the time!).

So, why do you love YA?

Dang...look at all those awesome books! I'm drooling (even though I've read most of them...) and would love to win these to donate to our new (and rather empty *sob*) library. Visit Beth Revis for your chance to enter!


  1. I am loving that YA authors are doing this for you YA lovers! I have to admit I love YA covers and I am sending you good vibes for a win!

  2. "The young adult genre is awesome."

    Such a profound and deeply moving statement Mary! ;-) I have to agree though, awesome just about sums it up. I grew up with only the Judy Blume's of the world, and while she is no doubt amazing, there definitely was a shortage of YA variety and I'm having an absolute blast taking advantage of how much the genre has grown and changed. LOVE IT.

  3. Oh wow! Awesome giveaway! I think I might have to do my own entry to win to donate to the reservation where they don't have a library. I bet the kids would love them!
    Although you deserve to win too. Especially since you're in a position to make sure they get into the hands of teens.
    I never read much YA either. There just wasn't much to choose from. I remember there were Sweet Valley High books but I wasn't a huge fan. I read some others like Canby Hall Girls and they were okay, but mostly I jumped straight to the adult books. Teens today are so lucky to have so much to choose from!

  4. i guess I love YA because I did things backward.
    I was reading "The Classics" when I was a kid because publishing is basically dead in my country, so there was not much aimed toward kids of youngesters. I got into YA when I was 18, ten years ago, thanks to Meg Cabot.

  5. Thanks for the link to this! I never felt that there was a lack of books written for me as a teen. Probably because I didn't think about it that way. I was more interested in reading historical fiction than contemps oftentimes. Do your students ever read Ann Rinaldi?

  6. This is such a fun contest for people. =) I agree that YA has really blossomed. Even when I was graduating high school 8 years ago I don't feel like YA was such a huge deal. Sometimes I feel weird that I'm still enjoying YA so much even though I'm far from being a teenager, but I think I love how universal and accepting YA is... it involves so many different genres, and nothing is packaged into a tiny box of what a book of a particular genre should be. I also really love all those "firsts" that are explored, because I think those emotions really resonate no matter what your age.