Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speed Date with David: RIVETED by Meljean Brook

Thursday is Speed Date Night--join on in, won't you? It's just 150 words or so and there's a linky at the bottom so we can all come visit and say hey.

RIVETED (A Novel of the Iron Seas) by Meljean Brook
Steampunk Romance
416 pages, paperback
Available now (September 2012)
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Review copy purchased

A century after a devastating volcanic eruption forced Iceland’s inhabitants to abandon its shores, the island has become enshrouded in legend. Fishermen tell tales of giant trolls guarding the land and of seductive witches who steal men’s hearts. But the truth behind the legends is mechanical, not magic—and the mystery of the island a matter of life and death for a community of women who once spilled noble blood to secure their freedom.

Five years ago, Annika unwittingly endangered that secret, but her sister Källa took the blame and was exiled. Now Annika serves on the airship, flying from port to port in search of her sister and longing to return home . . . but that home is threatened when expedition leader David Kentewess comes aboard.

Determined to solve the mystery of his own origin, David will stop at nothing to expose Annika’s secrets. But when disaster strikes, leaving David and Annika stranded on a glacier and pursued by a madman, their very survival depends on keeping the heat rising between them—and generating lots of steam . . .

While THE IRON DUKE is still my favorite in this series (mmm, RIVETED is a fantastic addition to Meljean Brook's intriguing steampunk romance novels.

There's an Icelandic twist to this one--a setting we don't usually see much of but one with great potential with its forbidding landscape. 

Annika and David dance around one another as David searches for the mysterious place where his mother was born while Annika, who is from said place, refuses to divulge the location. And, of course, they fall for one another during the dance. 

David's more of a Beta man than many of Meljean's guys. He's very cerebral, not overly aggressive--though he's stubbornly determined to achieve his goal--and pretty damaged both physically and psychologically in his past. Known as Rabbit in her village, Annika still has some rabbit-like tendencies though she's gained some confidence through her travels. They're a great compliment to one another.

Oh, and the trolls are awesome. (And, no, I'm not telling any more about them!)

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  1. I just love these covers! I started the first book a year ago but then had to set it down for review books and still haven't got back to it! But I'm definitely looking forward to finally reading them!

  2. hm trolls??? Sounds awesome, but I still have to get into steampunk as I still haven't read a singly steampunk book!

  3. I keep seing this book around! I don't think I had heard about the trolls before though!
    You have intrigued me.
    I guess it's time I do give steampunk a chance, even though I'll never understand why they put googles on people in steampunk covers. :P

  4. Love the steampunk look! I haven't read this series but it does sound quite awesome! :)

  5. Gah. I have The Iron Duke sitting on my shelf. I NEED TO READ IT!

  6. Did you say he was damaged? You know how much I adore a damaged hero Mary! I think I might love David a little bit already. Give me the dark, damaged, tortured, and brooding ones every time. LOVE IT:)