Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yummy, yummy: SCRUMPTIOUS by Amanda Usen

320 pages, paperback
Available now (Jan. 2012)
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley

Joe Rafferty is just as mouthwatering as the food he cooks. But if he thinks he's going to waltz in and take over her kitchen, he's denser than a thick slice of chocolate ripple cheesecake. Marly has invested too much of her life in Chameleon to hand off the restaurant to someone else—especially a cocky–as–all–get–out superstar chef. But there's no denying the man knows how to light her fire. Question is: Can she have the sizzle without feeling the burn?

Sometimes you just need a really good contemporary romance and SCRUMPTIOUS delivers. I mean, the name alone calls up sumptuous meals filled with flavor, fruit tartlets, chocolate ganache cake, vanilla bean cheesecake, and other delectable delights. Hungry yet?

Wait until you get in the kitchen with Joe Rafferty, hottie chef extraordinaire. You'll want to lick it, suck it, slam it all over the place. A known womanizer (reformed, thanks to his mother's dying wish), Joe blows into town and sweeps Marly off her clog-covered feet. Except he's reformed and, as much as she wants to sleep with him and he wants to get it on with her, he's just saying no...until she can change his mind.

What I really liked about this story is that Marly is unapologetically sexual--she uses men for her own pleasure and purposes then moves on with her life, leaving them sobbing in her dust. Joe is also very sexual, a string of very satisfied women in his wake, but, after losing his mom to breast cancer, he's trying to be a better guy. There's none of that innocent virgin or inexperienced stuff going on in this book--Marly even pulls out her vibrator to take care of her needs. Go Marly!

Besides all the fabulous tension and back-and-forth between Joe and Marly, there's the heat in the kitchen. Olivia, the restaurant's owner and Marly's best friend, finds her husband giving it to the bartender and sends him packing. Soon after, a string of strange incidents in the kitchen make life difficult for them all--and it's not the almost-ex doing the damage.

A loser soon-to-be-ex-husband, a super-busy kitchen, surprise health inspections and food critics, and connections to the mob make this a fun and fast read. Oh, and don't forget the sizzle between Joe and Marly!


  1. This one sounds like fun! (also, the cover looks delicious, and not necessarily referring to the desserts in the background)

  2. I completely agree that sometimes a person just needs a contemporary romance. This goes for Teen fiction as well as Adult. I overload on paranormal (and Dystopians, lately), and need a break. That's why I get irritated when favorite contemp. authors make the switch to PNR. We need both! Not everything is improved with the paranormal!

  3. Sounds really good! And I totally get you about the whole needing to read a good contemporary thing.

    I find good contemporaries to be rare, but they are great then they deliver. :D

  4. Damn right chick - sometimes all we need is a good Contemporary Romance! Something for Adults!Although I do love YA fiercely sometimes I need more than just kissing:) This ones sounds pretty awesome! :)

  5. Wow, what a great combination. I'd have a hard time deciding between what I'd like reading better - the food or the romance. Yum!