Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Testing...Yes, I'm being tested.

This week is testing in South Carolina. It's Hell for both the kids and the teachers. Truly, until you've proctored one of these suckers for DAYS in a row, you'll never know the joy. (Yes, that's sarcasm. Yes, I'm grumpy. A lot grumpy.)
*losing. Seriously, do these people never edit themselves? Don't they know they look like dumb asses themselves with these grammar errors? And yes, I'm just one dumb ass away from losing it.
Currently reading:
DROP DEAD HEALTHY by A.J. Jacobs -- I'm reading this in an effort to inspire my quest for better health (and pound droppage--it's almost bathing suit season, after all!). It's pretty funny and filled with the same confusion I feel when trying to figure out what's healthy and what's not. Seriously, scientists. Could you be any more confusing with your recommendations?

DEADLOCKED by Charlaine Harris -- a good counterbalance to my nonfiction reading. Sookie's up to her eyeballs in trouble, as usual. I missed her snark and really like how this book seems back on track (just in time for the almost-end-of-the-series, huh?).

While the grammar in this is questionable (seriously, where's the punctuation? *eye roll*), it's still pretty damn funny.


  1. Our testing isn't for another few weeks - something to look forward to... *sigh*

    I love that final poster too :)

  2. UGH! ((( Hugs )))) and I am sending anti-dumbass guns your way :)

    I am almost done with Deadlocked and I highly enjoyed it! :) :)

    I did miss the snark and trouble little Ms S seems to get herself into :)

  3. haha, I'm always one dumbass away from losing it. :)

    We had our testing 2 weeks ago. I hate it, as do my kids. I totally know what you are going through!

    Sending you non-dumbass vibes!

  4. Ha. Oh, Mary, I saw the lolz cat picture, too, and thought it was perfectly fitting for those of us grammar nerds. Why, yes, I am one dumb ass away from losing it, how did you know? ;)

    Best of luck surviving this week.

  5. When there's no punctuation I have to read things a few times to insert my own. I often lose the whole point then. And spelling, ARG, I know I'm far from perfect and make mistakes but when its something short like the cat picture its just plain stupid.

  6. Good luck with testing Mary! I hope it's not driving you too crazy, though judging by these pictures, you at least still have your sense of humor and that's a good thing:) I especially appreciate the Harry Potter-themed bathroom logic. Win.

  7. Good luck with the tests! I love AJ Jacobs. I've read about 100 pgs of Drop Dead Healthy. You must read Know It All if you haven't yet.