Monday, May 14, 2012

SC Book Festival: Sandra Brannan

It's that time of year again--The South Carolina Book Festival!
This event runs May 18-20 and features some of the best South Carolina has to offer as well as some amazing out-of-state authors (they're forgiven for not living in South Carolina, though they're missing out).

This week, I'm going to feature a couple of authors that I'm excited to see and meet. One author coming to visit SC is Sandra Brannan, a mystery-thriller writer. She's going to be speaking on the Sibylline Sublime: Mystery Thrillers panel on Saturday (12-12:50 in Lexington Meeting Room A).

Sandra Brannan author photo
After living in Wyoming, Washington, D.C., Washington state, and Colorado, Sandra Brannan returned to her hometown in South Dakota, where she is surrounded by family. She enjoys working with relatives in the mining business; living in the Black Hills with her husband, Joel; smiling with pride over the journeys taken by her four sons; doting over her three grandchildren; and appreciating all of life’s blessings, too many to count. With In the Belly of Jonah and Lot’s Return to Sodom out wherever books are sold or downloaded, Sandra’s forthcoming titles in her Liv Bergen mystery thriller series are Widow’s Might and Noah’s Rainy Day. (from author's website HERE)

Her newest novel is Widow’s Might, which releases August 7, 2012.

With a mind for crime solving and headstrong about protecting her family, Liv Bergen finds herself trailing a vengeful killer with a crooked sense of justice.

The third Liv Bergen mystery picks up right where the second one left off: the murder of Liv’s future sister-in-law has been solved, but an older rancher has been bludgeoned to death in a style eerily reminiscent of a long-inactive killer known only as the Crooked Man. FBI agent Streeter Pierce, still on assignment in Sturgis, South Dakota, must now turn his sights on tracking down the killer—his nemesis from ten years earlier. Pierce doesn’t complain, though; he’s falling in love with Liv and sets in motion an unconventional plan to recruit her for the FBI’s training camp in Quantico as they work the case together. But is Liv falling for the brilliant, exotic agent Jack Linwood instead?

Once again, Liv’s vast knowledge of the Black Hills of South Dakota—territory made famous by the gold rush that followed General George Custer’s expedition—and the novel folk who live there leads her to unearth critical clues about the Crooked Man. But are facts enough to safeguard Liv’s sister Elizabeth and her friend, an elderly woman battling cancer who was attacked just days after her husband was murdered? Will the frail yet feisty widow recover her strength in time to help Liv thwart the Crooked Man’s murderous plans and fatal blows


  1. Oh this sounds good! I love thrillers like this, and the cover is super creepy!

  2. Thank you, Mary! You are so kind to say all these nice things. And we aren't even kin! Please come say 'hi' to me at the book festival this weekend. I'd love to meet you!

    Sandra Brannan

  3. I love these kind of events. I don't think they happen often enough. Then again, I guess they can't bring authors out all that often. LOL! It's just that I really wish we could see them more. I'm in AZ and I always feel like authors are bypassing me.

  4. Man! I need to move to South Carolina! I would love to go, I wish really fun events like this would come a little closer to me:) I haven't read anything by this author, but I love a good mystery/thriller now and then as a break from my YA reads!

  5. Oh I'm from the Black Hills! I grew up in Sturgis and lived in Rapid City as well. I'm not sure I have heard of her but I'm definitely checking out her books now!