Monday, September 5, 2011

Contest: Share Your Most Outrageous Story!

Are you as sad about the end of summer as I am? I love summer. Hanging out in the lake, floating on a noodle. The deep, bone-warming heat of a sunny day. The profuse, gorgeous-smelling flowers that bloom everywhere. The song of the cicadas during the day and the chorus of peeper frogs at night. *sigh* Yay for summer. 

In A&L DO SUMMER, Aspen and Laurel do their best to have a crazy-fun summer (which includes pig triplets, a skunk, a chicken, cute boys, and a wild barn party). I've teamed up with Jan Blazanin, author of the fabulous summer story, A&L DO SUMMER, and Egmont USA to celebrate the summer with an awesome contest!

Tell us your most outrageous story -- your most A&L story -- and you could win a set of all the Egmont Original Paperbacks which include:
A&L DO SUMMER by Jan Blazanin
COUNTESS NOBODY by Lynn Kiele Bonasia
SWITCH by Tish Cohen
We'll also have two runner-ups who will each win a signed copy of A&L DO SUMMER. Now, how's that for an end-of-summer blow-out?

Jan Blazanin will judge the entries -- All you need to do is share an outrageous story in the comments (don't forget to leave your email so we can get in contact with you).

They can be long or short; we just want to hear some wild summer stories!

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Hey, even if you don't submit a story, you can enter this one (oh, tell a story -- you know you want to!). Don't forget to leave your email.

This contest runs from Sept. 5 through Sept. 19, 2011.


  1. A&L Do Summer has been on my WL FOREVER! I really wanted to get it to read this summer, but that never happened. So my fingers are crossed, I REALLY want it!

    Now it's hard to remember details from my crazy summers but once I took some time to think back and remember I came up with a few crazy things.

    One summer when I was 14 I got to travel across the US with my friends family. They were from Michigan, I was from South Dakota. They picked me up and we traveled to Washington state. We spent a few days traveling to the different lakes and parks around Mt. St. Helens (this is where I live now, but that was like 15 years ago, WOW!)
    When we left Washington we traveled to Minneapolis where we spent a long weekend and then it was on to the U.P. of Michigan where they lived. We spent 3 weeks there and had loads of adventure. We climbed on a big ship that was half sunk and totally rusted that was in Lake Superior. We trekked through woods to hidden cabins that were completely stocked with stereos (battery powered) and music (namely Nirvana) and cans of food (well, pork and beans). We cruised 'the strip' listening to Nirvana (always Nirvana...) and talking about boys (mostly a certain boy named Scott...). We stayed up ALL night many different nights (I actually fell asleep leaning against the side of the house more then once).
    After three weeks we got in the motor home and traveled down to Detroit (Mackinac bridge= SCARY ). We spent a weekend in Detroit before traveling on to Washington DC. There we spent a day touring in a bus and got to see the inside of the White House and I bought an AWESOME tie dye shirt (I was ALL about the tie dye back then). We ate at a fancy restaurant and my friend found a cute boy. We chatted outside the restrooms and then when we left and were pulling away he chased after us so she threw her number out of the window of the motor home (strangely enough she ended up marrying that guy 5 years later, but then divorced him after 5 years because he was abusive, if only we hadn't stopped by that restaurant...).
    We traveled down to Wilmington NC next where I finally got my glimpse of the Atlantic ocean. BEAUTIFUL! I met a cute guy named Frankie (though he liked me WAY more then I liked him) and he drove a VW Bus (AWESOME) and we stuck with him. He gave us the tour and later we ended up riding with him and 7 others in his bus up to Maryland where we ended up meeting back up with my friends parents. We had a blast in Maryland though and got lost in that awesome bus and did a nice (not really, it was mostly scary) tour of Baltimore. We visited several malls and cute boy Frankie (who just wasn't cute enough, or just wasn't 'Scott' or maybe it was just 'something' about him I didn't care for) tried to kiss me. (He phone stalked me for like 3 years after that too...)
    Finally, after 1 and a half months away from home I took a plane from Baltimore to Pierre, SD. I went from extreme humidity (and I think it was raining when I left) to pure dry HEAT. I was wearing a jacket when I got off the plane and I about DIED.
    That was by far the best summer of my whole life. I just wish I remembered more details and not just little bits and pieces.
    I'm not sure what sorts of trouble A&L got into and if my story is anything like what you're looking for, but that's what I got!
    *fingers crossed*
    candace_redinger at yahoo dot com

  2. Ooh, fab story, Candace! Here's mine (though it's not an entry, just share time):

    During the summer, I worked as a camp counselor and, when it was hot, we'd take the kids to Lake Michigan to swim. The other counselors and I would guy-watch while we were there, keeping one eye on the kiddies and one eye on the hot guys. It's hard to act cool and look desirable when herding 20 third-grade boys around but we tried.

    This one day, after slathering the boys with lotion and sending them into the water, I spotted this one hottie parked on a rock not too far away. If only I could get closer, I was sure he'd notice me and maybe even ask me out (dare to dream). So, I slowly herded the kids down the beach, closer and closer. He looked my way. I struck a pose, flipped my hair and turned away (the better to look unattainable and, thus, more desirable).

    Unfortunately, two of my boys had crept up behind me and when I swung around, I slammed into them, slipped under the water, and swallowed a ton of water. I came up gagging, practically puking, water streaming from my nose. The boys thought it was absolutely hysterical but I was humiliated.

    Luckily, the guy was long gone by the time I got the courage up to look, and I convinced myself he didn't see anything.

    *sigh* Teen humiliation's the worst.

  3. Omg I really wish I had a great story because this is a fabulous contest! Alas, I'm incredibly boring! Great idea though! :)

  4. This summer, my dad got me a dirt bike. It was awesome! Me and my friends rode all over. Then we decided to go to the river. You're not supposed to ride bikes around there cause its dangerous but we went in anyways. Lots of bikers do it cause there are dirt hills and great jumps and tracks everywhere.
    Anyways, we were riding and jumping and doing all these cool tricks. Then, just when I was about to do a no footer, my friend yelled at me to stop, there was a big alligator right where I was gonna go. I tried to stop but I flipped over the handlebars and split my lip. There was blood everywhere. And there wasn't even an alligator! I mean, there are a couple who live by the river but my friend was just joking.

  5. Does it have to be about me? Because this one isn't.

    About a year after my brother got his license, he went out driving with a friend. Because he had a late curfew, Mom and Dad didn't wait up and went to bed. Later that night, he appeared at the end of their bed, waking them up to tell them he'd had an accident. He wasn't hurt but there was a huge dent in the door and it couldn't be opened anymore.

    At first, he claimed he'd been hit in the parking lot and that it was a hit-and-run. Later, it came out that he'd been doing donuts on the beach and ran into a huge rock. How he missed it, I don't know.

  6. Mary,
    That's a good one! Geez, I'm sure I have PLENTY of embarrassing moment stories... I was plenty good at embarrassing myself.

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  8. Brooke

    One of the best moments of summer for me was when I saw a flying turtle with wings eating a Moes burrito. This happened the first day of June on a sunny day out in Narnia. It was the most amazing day ever! I walked through the bushes and into Narnia where there was flying turtles everywhere, eating Moes burritos. Know those are not your regular turtles these can talk and change color anytime of the day.It was the best thing I have seen in my whole life, flying turtles everywhere eating burritos, now isnt that a dream that came true for me.

  9. i know this might not sound true but is. Okay so this summer i was at atlanta hiking and theres this mountain that natives use to sit and watch thier land and it like just hanging of the mountain when i tried to sit on it i slipped and fell i was serieouslly hanging of the tip of the mountain and if i let go i would have died so ikept holding for five minutes and i was about to give thats when just my family caught up looked at me (mom screamed of course) my dad was tring to pull me up then he slipped and was hanging of thats when my mom called some hikers to pull us up it was super scary

  10. Okay, so this was funny to me, and it was very outrageous, but if you don't think so that's fine too. :)

    But it all started at about... 5:00 at night. I was staying in Pennsylvania with my cousins and family members. My mother, sister, and I were very happy to be there in the 60-degree weather compared to 100-degree weather. But my cousin, Megan, and I were walking out of the smaller cabin of two, walking along a very rocky pavement.
    As we get closer to the 'Big Cabin', I trip and fall right onto my face, and then after I get back up my cousin stars laughing like crazy! I was so mad, I decided to walk a few paces ahead of her, until I was attacked by some kind of bug. Horrified, I scream and run BEHIND her, and walk with my head in her back and almost in tears from the fright.

    It was worse then, than it feels like now. I was about... 7 or 8 in that story, so it was more of a fright than you might think.

  11. Emily

    Over the summer, I was hanging out with Brooke, Mary Cathryn, and Mckenzie by the pool. All of a sudden, we saw a flying unicorn eating tacos from Taco Bell! We were all freaking out! Then, it decided to swoop down and pick me up! It threw me on its back and brought me back to its castle. Its castle was pink and lime green with a diamond door. It had a pink diamond colored door handle. The unicorn nudged me into her home. I got scared when the unicorn started speaking to me! She told me her name was Crystal. She asked me a series of questions. I hesitated to answer because I couldn't get over the fact that a unicorn is talking to me! I was in shock! After about an hour, Crystal took me back to my house in Rosewood. I was sad when it was time for her to go back to her home because I guess we sorta bonded. Since that day, she has been visiting me every day and taking me to her home and taking care of me. I think its cool to say that my new best friend is a flying unicorn named Crystal!!(:

  12. jamel brewton
    Coming this summer a summer long paintball crew we will be traveling all around South Carolina finding paintball crews to beat. Our crew is jamel with the mp5k paintball gun double trigger, Devon, with the long range sniper and my cousin twoscoops the up close one. Together we will smack other teams up. If you want to join us on our tour around South Carolina

  13. One hot sunny summer after noon, a family (the Rogers) went to Myrtle Beach. It was baby Emma, her brother Josh, and their parents. They got settled in their hotel room and decided to go walk on the beach, since the kids were to little to get in the water. Baby Emma decided that she wanted to wonder off on to the bored walk, and before you know it she was lost.

    Emma went missing for days, to her parents of course. Because Emma was in a dream land of her own. The day she wondered off, a nice lady by the name Ms. Jacky found her, and took her into her beach house with her and her husband. They were elderly people with know kids and always wanted a grand child, and for a few days the had one. They feed her the finest foods and even bought her a turtle. And for the Rogers they were stressed and looking for their baby.

    They were calling the police station and everything, they even had divers search the waters for their baby that they thought had died, but Emma was just living the dream live.

    A week after Emma went missing her brother couldn't take it anymore, he missed his little baby sister!! He walked for hours, ranged bell after bell, at every house and hotel room. Then he came to Ms. Jacky's door, and he saw his little sister standing in the window. He immediately cried in joy. Ms Jacky came to the door and was relieved to see that someone had came for the baby, because she hadn't heard or saw anything about a missing baby. Anyways, Josh ran in the house grabbed his little sister and ran like the wind back to their parents.

    they left the beach thankful that they had their baby back, crying and sobbing, and all that time Emma didn't know what happened and why every one was crying. Today Emma is 43 years old, married with kids, and she is a home bound teacher and also a swim teacher.
    -Patra Quattlebaum

  14. Ben
    great story brooke but listen to a professional
    this one time when i was walkin my liger we went to San Jose an got sick so i rode the liger home great story wish i had a flying turtle though

  15. this summer in 2011 cow meets boy boy meets cow and a man wears a skirt. in a summer blockbuster called... milk me. one day in august a purple cow named sea biscuit wanders in a world were a cows get milked for there work outs. this was strange to him. meanwhile a boy named fish n chips. fish n chips needed to milk a cow to become a wacko chief. his father named man skirt. was the idiot of the tribe called cheese. the cow was 58090 years old his milk was so old it was goat milk. to get to the point the cow transformed to a auto bot. then there was a epic battle and his farther man skirt blinds him and the boy meets the cow grabs his utter. and... to hear the rest please read the book. Theron

  16. once there was a girl who found a penny. the penny wasn't a normal penny it was purple. she decided to be stupid and licked it. what happened was she wished she had ice cream because how hot it was in the summer. so then it starded raining ICE CREAM . and then the world turned again. That was the day she found the purple penny.

  17. Once their was a girl and she loved candy! She never had a lot of it but once day a candy machine had broke in a store. She thought once..."OOOO man i really want that candy, but no its not right i should go tell the manager." Then many people saw some people coming so she decided to hide in the game room and turn off the lights, so the people wouldn't know what happened. She thought again, "Maybe if i sneak the candy out of the back door then nobody would know." The little girl finally came to her senses and decided not to take the candy, because she knew that it was wrong and sooner or later she would be in trouble! THE END!!!

  18. once there was a little boy who had no friends and family to guide him through the struggles that he needed them for. one day he a wallet with 200 dollars and brought him a video game console. he loved that console so much that he started calling it mommy and daddy.i got really good at gaming so he started to com peat in tournaments and won them all. and he found a broke away from the troubles he had.

  19. This most outrageous story happened at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. The school's Honor band went to this amusement park to play at the music festival! We had a wonderful time riding the roller coasters and having fun. The food there was great. We had gone two days in a row. After about 3 hours of being there, it started raining and we had to wait about 45 minutes until it stopped. After that we got on a roller coaster and it went much faster because of the rain. All of us were screaming so much that I lost my voice and I could barely speak! Even though I lost my voice, I had a heck of a time!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This summer was amazing. The best thing I did was go on a cruise. It was really fun! The best thing I did was go horseback riding in the Bahama blue water. It was awesome but the funniest part is we were riding full speed and all of a sudden, I turn my head and i am in the water. The horse jumped me off his back and went on its way. It hurt but it was so funny.l My moms horse name was ray-gay and mines was Pride. It was really cool to be riding a horse in such pretty water and being able to do it on an island in the middle of the ocean. The food on the island was great. They had a pirate ship there on land to be Captain Morgan's ship which was a dinner and bar. It was cool! I had so much fun on this vacation and the good thing is, we have another one booked for next year with my friend's family. Yeah!!! :))
    Savannah Odom (

  21. The time I tripped over my shoe laces. I tripped over it two times in the morning and four times in the afternoon. It hurt So bad and i realized i had no shoe laces.

  22. funny !! ahahah,, uhh i dont realli knoe anything funny that happened this sumemr??
    This summer once apon a time their was a boy named David, he came over to my house with my daddy. WE hung-out allot!! we became great friends,, the end !!
    (funny to me(: ahha thanks)
    -CAroline Ellis

  23. this summer, i hung out with my best friends. we were at skateland and this kid was messing with my friend so i spit a piece of my pickle at him. it went down his shirt the first time and he didn't notice. the second time it hit his hat and he didn't notice that either. the third tie it hit his lip and he freaked out and ran away then fell. hahahaahahahahahahahaha it was funnnny(:
    ~McKenzie O.(:

  24. this summer I i rode my dirt bike like the whole summer and when fishing.and I would go to races with my dirt bike i could only place i could come in was i 1st 2nd or 3rd or my parents would take away my diet bike!!:((

  25. this one time i fell on my face and didn't get hurt so then i twisted my leg and that hurt okay im done

  26. some of the thing that i did over the summer was hang out at the beach, went to new york. i also went swiming with the dolphins.and did alot of shoping.

  27. This summer I nothing. Well I slept, ate, hung out in Darlington. Other than that I did nothing. While I was in Darlington I hung out with my family and did my best to stay away from tobacco fields. I also went down to Bishopville and stayed with my cousin Tray. Then I went to Valley Stream New York where I went to the Flamingo and learned new reggae dances. I also learned what's behind a corner store. Well that was all I did this summer which was nothing like I said.

  28. This summer I went to Florida to visit some of my family members. My aunt wanted to go to the beach and I, being the polite person I am, agreed to go. Of course, I didn't want to go to the beach. I dislike the ocean. It's a scary place with sharks, whales and big, giant, vicious, beady-eyed fish! You don’t know what’s in the water, geez, what if I got eaten?
    Well, anyways, I went to the beach with my aunt, and my cousins, Johnny and Jathen. It was really hot outside, but I refused to go in the water, because I was paranoid (I still am). So I sat on the sandy ground and acted like a 9-year-old, building sand castles and what-not with Jathen. Johnny, however, was very influential and somehow convinced me to go into the water. I think it was his “Oh I’m older, therefore, you have to listen to me” attitude that got to me.
    I slowly walked further and further into the water. Eventually, I felt something brush my leg, and being me, I was a total spazz. I was freaking out so much that I fell in! I saw what it was…a shark, it was a shark. Strangely, I didn’t find it scary. I got the courage to pet it on the nose. (That was a bad idea; I have bite marks on my arm now). I convinced my aunt to let me take it home with me! I named him Freddie. Believe me, this story is 100% (not) true. Poor Freddie is now cramped up in my bathtub.


  29. I was so excited to come to school, but now I wish summer never ended! This summer I went to Cherry Grove Beach its in North Myrtle Beach. My grandparents have a beach house there so we always stay there. There were so many people at the house it was crazy. There was only one shower for 10 people! Me and my older sister decided that it would be a smart idea to go to the shower house. WE had unlimited hot water and we could take as long as we wanted and didn't have to share. My family and I spent most of the time at the pool or at the marsh crapping. I have the fairest skin you could imagine but surprisingly I got a tan! Me and my Brother and Sister met these kids that were twins and they were 9 same as my brother and sister. We went swimming with them a lot. We soon came to realize how annoying they were. Thy would come to are house 24/7. We would go to the other pool just to avoid them. We had to sneak around the neighborhood just to stay away. My favorite part of all was meeting so many new people. The good thing about a lot of old people living there is because there grand children come and visit them and Boom, I have friends. Every night we would all get on the golf cart and ride around the neighborhood and catch frogs! I loved it, it was probably one of the best times Ive had. One night we were hunting and we found a frog by the pool, when I picked him up i discovered he had one eye. I had the best time at the beach ever! I never wanted it to end and I still wish i was there. I cant wait till this summer to go back!

    Emily (:

  30. My summer...... well i had a wonderful summer.The first thing i can remember doing is going to Hilton head and spending time with my family. i had so much fun. the weather was nice. the seafood was delicious and the time off was also nice. i got to hang out with my friends and what a time we had.i went to my first church retreat with my friend Maya and it was great.we learned a lot and we also had a HUGE water balloon fight between the boys and the girls. and the food we had was sooooo good. so when we got back home i figured it was time for me to start working on my bok project. so i decided to do that.d on the weekends i went to skate night to hang out with friends and t0o skate. after going to skate night a few times i decided that it was time to start saving my money. because the next place was going to be sandhills.

    Jasmin Hill

  31. Jordan said.....

    This summer I went to the beach with my cousin!!!! One day while i was on the beach I hit my toe on the chair and broke it...ouchh. Then my birthday came and i got a lot of money and we I went shopping at the mall. Also I went to a horse race and It was really fun. But most of all I pretty much had a boring summer.

  32. Over the summer i kinda just sat home for the first month. I spent time with my brother when he came home from college in North Carolina. In July i went to this camp called Tri-district. It was held at RNE High School and it was fun. You have to audition to go to the camp for 3 years. The types of curriculum are band, orchestra, dance, theater, art, and chorus. There are 2 different types of bands Symphonic and Concert...i was in the concert band. After the 3 weeks of the camp we went to Lexington High School to preform what we had been learning. Over the summer me and my brother took more swimming lessons to keep up our skills. I also played lots of tennis and i even played in a tournament. When we took our brother back we spent the night for 2 days and went to a mall called the Three Seasons and to the outlet...well that's mostly what i did over the summer!
    Regan Parrott

  33. Tori Taylor, It was late summer, things were cooling down, but no one had guessed what would happen next. Laura was walking home from the mall. It was a normal day to her until she saw Troy. She was about to call out to him but then out of the blue a girl jumped into his arms. The girl was tall, blonde, and all together gorgeous. She knew it wasn't a relative. She didn't know what to think about this and tried to stay calm and see how her boy friend would react. Troy didn't resist the girl. That day had went from okay, to great, and then the worse possible day ever in an instant.Clearly now Troy would be her ex-boyfriend.

  34. Teebro Rahman

    Okay this story didn't happen during the summer but a week before summer but I don't care because all I did this summer was go to India , and that was boring because I can't speak Indian. So anyway I was at the Coke factory in Atlanta , Georgia .So anyway after drinking every coke in the samples section and going to the bathroom a couple of times . I decided to go watch the 4D show. After watching it and putting my glasses away , I couldn't find anyone from my class expect for one person. So after looking for my school for like 20 minutes we finally just camped out in the Gift shop with a couple of other people that we found outside. But that's not even the worst part. The Worst part is while we were in the gift shop , this old lady asked me if I worked there . Yup . So anyway that's it

  35. Arianna Lee,
    I don't think this summer was too interesting for me. However, it had it moments. To begin with, I went to an all-nighter with my friend's church. It was amazing and there were some amazing people there. I got to meet up with old friends. We went to Plex as a group after hours and ice-skated. I didn't fall unless Amanda tried to stop and fell on me. I found that suprising. I was actually good at it.
    Then, after a month of sitting at home I went to band camp. The first day, I ran into into the band room and screamed, "Sissy!"(it's an inside joke) and ran up to Lesleigh and gave her a huge hug. I found out there were a lot of freshmen. I play the vibraphone this year. It's pretty amazing. One day, during break, the percussionists were laying on the floor. Nick screamed, " Hey look! It's Jesus's crack!" all of a sudden. There was a crack on the floor from where cabinets had been. He was obviously joking around. We all busted out laughing. We all agreed at Jesus had come to Spring Valley and made a crack in the floor just so that we would one day laugh after someone noticed it. When we were still laughing, Mr. Humber came in. When he asked what was so funny, Nick said, "Jesus's crack :)." Mr. Humber said, "Um...I'm leaving." We all started saying things like, "No! Mr. Humber! It's not what you think!" He shut the door and we all chased Nick around.
    Later, Tori left the room. We decided to all hide in things like cases and Tori have to find us. When everyone was found but Nick, we decided to get revenge and lock in the tenor case he was in. We taunted him for about five minutes and video taped it. We were all laughing but felt horrible afterward. When Nick came out he said, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe you idiots did that!" I smiled and looked at him, then trying not to laugh said, "Jesus wouldn't like that you called us idiots. He left his crack to prove it."

  36. So I had a very interesting summer :3 . It was nice and all, but I swear it was nothing compared to last summer. But anyways, this summer, pretty much just sat on my phone and on the computer. Yup, I have no life whatsoever. Most of the time I talked to my bestfriend named Kirk (: He's sooo awesome. He's like super tall. I went to the movies w/ him, & reggie, & ryan, & aaron, & amber, & all these other kellymill peoples (: I also met a bunch of people at sandhills and skateland and other places.

    Something else interesting that happened was that I my mommy had a baby. :D Her name is Christina Nickole and she was born August 4th. My mom was in the hospital for a long time until she had her. She looks just like Greg (the baby's father) . She has these big old eyes, & really curly hair. She so pretty! She gonna get all the boys, I told her that :3 . She cry too much though. Thats why I cant have kids. I'mma adopt some random boy from china, so he can be smart & be a doctor/ lawyer & make lots of $$ (:

    THE END.

  37. Matt Barth (
    Sooo... All I did this summer was sit my butt, play Forza 3, and spend $36 million on cars. Then I went to a Stars Wars convention and looked at galaxy of pimples and nasal voices. I joined the Dark Side, and got my Dark Side nickname, Darth Epicness McLightsaber. And then I wrote this.

  38. My summer was boring. The only thing i did was go to Florida for my cousin's wedding. I went to sandhills, skateland, malls, etc. I finally read a good book this summer for the first time this summer also. This summer was nothing like what i had in mind. I was suppose to go to New York to see my grandma because she's getting old and i want to her before anything happens to her (hopefully nothing does happend to her). I also wanted to go there to see my aunt's new house it's out in the country and she said if we came up there we was going to go camping. Sooo....yea....none of that stuff that i wanted to do happened.

    There was barely anything to enjoy this summer for me. The best thing was shopping ,but there's not a not a lot of really good places to go shopping at where i live. That's why i went shopping at Forever 21 that opened up this summer it's the best place to shop at in columbia. I think i'm going to start shopping off the computer. Anyways i'm going to stop typing now because i'm getting sad and theres nothing else to type about.

  39. Don't have an interesting story unfortunately :(
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    iliveforreading AT hotmail DOT com

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  41. The next few are all together

    The summer was almost unbearable; the sun felt like it was aiming all its heat at me in particular. Hi, my name is Tiamo, and this is the story of how any life can change, it just depends if you want to embrace the change.

    It was a sunny Monday afternoon, July 23rd to be exact, when my mother died, even though it was a sad event, the sky refused to dull even the slightest bit. Ever since that day I've been leaving a bouquet of Blue Bells and Roses on her grave, those were her favorite flowers. I found myself in a pit of darkness, with my dad in the military, I'm alone, frequently, but that's not the worst part, two years later, on the exact same day as my 13th birthday, my father died in a car accident. At that point, I decided to give up on life. I had no drive to go on, no family to lean on, just a pit of darkness.

    Years passed, many couples came to the orphanage, but I never left my room. The only time I ever left that orphanage was to get groceries. I spent each night crying myself to sleep, not knowing when my is ever going to get any better. That was, until I decided to take a leap of faith.

    It was August 2nd, all the little kids in the orphanage were preparing from the local schools they all attended. I, with all the high school students decided to get home schooled. It was actually really not that boring! I continued to get educated like that until I finished my senior year. At the age of 23, I left the orphanage, and jumped right into society. It was at a local coffee shop when I met her. I never did catch her name, but who could forget those red dimples, long blond hair, and those deep blue eyes. I was utterly shocked, when I applied for my job, it happened to be in the same business as her! I decided to take my leap of faith within the next two to three months, so on November 29th, I took my leap of faith, I walked up ten floors, with a bouquet of Blue Bells and Roses, and I asked her out to a lovely dinner. She took my offer and gave me a pat on the back. I glanced at her name tag, Hope Heeler, what an amazing name!

  42. We went out to dinner on December 8th, my birthday, but I didn't want to mention that at the moment. We went to a quiet Italian restaurant.

    "I just love Italian food, it's so good!"
    I wasn’t listening, I was too consumed by her amazing blue eyes, they could take any person away from any reality. I stared at her then said, “me too” not knowing what she was talking about.

    “You never did tell me how you found out about me.
    I was nervous, it would seem really weird if I told her the truth, so instead I told her,

    “Some of the guys at work told me about you.”
    She looked at me with squinted eyes, kinda like she was reading my every thought.
    “It was that coffee shop on 23rd Street, wasn’t it?”
    I looked at her with a blush on my face,
    She gave me a nice smile, and told me,
    “We should do this again.”
    I agreed, and we both left the restaurant.
    It was January 5th the next time we went out, she looked even better than before. This time we went to the coffee shop on 23rd Street, she ordered a Carmel Mocha, and I ordered a Carmel Frapuccino and a large Cinnamon Bun for us to share.

    “This was the coffee shop where my parents first met.”
    The word parents, felt like glass on a bare foot, except that bare foot was my heart.

    “Would you excuse me for just a second.”
    I dashed for the men’s room, took a seat, and wept. Five minutes later, I washed my face, and sat back down.
    “Man that cinnamon.”
    She looked at me, then the table.
    “We haven’t touched the cinnamon bun Tiamo, is something up?”
    I layed my hand on my head and told her my whole life story, and as I told her, her mood went from worry, to dread. As my tale dragged on people who entered the shop stooped and listened, but I ignored them, soon enough I felt like I was telling a fairy tale to a bunch of four and five year old kids, soon enough the crowd was crying rivers.

    “We should go.”
    We stormed out of the building and headed back her apartment. After awhile it started to rain, perfect. I began to storm, so I spent the night at her place(not like I had a place to live.) Morning came and everything was quiet and peaceful. I took out the cinnamon roll, placed it in the microwave, heated it up, and brought it to Hope.
    “Oh thank you.”
    I lite the fireplace and made myself some pancakes. Sundays are always the most peaceful day of the week. She came out and turned on the TV,
    “So what’s the plan?”
    I handed her a to do list, and we went out.
    To Do List:

    * Get food
    * Get fuel
    * Get Lunch
    * Return home

    “What’s that blank?”

    “It’s something special.”
    We finished the list, and went back to her apartment.
    “I’m going to get ready”
    She went into her room and got changed. At 9:30pm, we went to my favorite restaurant; El Pierre En Tolo.
    “It serves both Mexican and French foods, I celebrated my 5th birthday here with my mom and dad.”
    We sat down and ordered, and right before the night could end beautifully, bullets smashed though the window, next thing I remember Hope was on the ground.
    “Hope, Hope, answer me Hope!”

    To Be Continued......

    Christian Schreckhise

  43. Talk about outrageous stories! I've read them all twice, but I won't make any decisions until after tomorrow's deadline. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. Fun stuff!

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  45. On one hot and little chilly summer morning a girl named Selena was waking up. ”Diamond wake up or we are going to leave you!” said Mrs. Turner,” Diamond Turner if you don’t wake up right now we’re going to leave your but right here and have your grandmother come and check up on you.” “I’m up mother, I’m up.” Said Diamond. The Turner Family was going on there family road trip they take every year. Diamond always gets to bring 2 friends, so does her brother Troy too. As Diamond was getting dress her 2 best of best friends ring the doorbell. It was Alexis Brown and Taylor Webster. Suddenly Tyler’s friends show up in the door to. Mr. Turner heard all the screaming and thought somebody was getting rob or his 2 children were playing around. He was running down the stairs with a baseball bat in his hand. “Who hurt, is anybody hurt? “Said Mr. Turner “No daddy nobody hurt “said Tyler. As Mr. Turner was going to fix him some coffee, he heard a car door slam and some loud music coming out that car door. It was Diamond’s sister Lani. Apparently when Lani went out last night with her boyfriend she didn’t come home until right now.” Lani coming and Jason too “said Diamond. Diamond thought that Lani’s boyfriend was really cute. Matter of fact she had a dream that one day Jason would pick her over Lani, but she knew that dream was never coming true because 1st of all Diamond was only 14 years and 2nd that Jason loved Lani more than her, but Diamond still had feeling for him. As Lani was coming in the house she was laughing. Daddy was just standing there like he was about to hit Jason on the head for bring Lani back so late. Lani walk right up to her room and didn’t tell me, Tyler, Alexis, Taylor, Bryan, and Patrick hey. “Lani why are you here so late, you know that we are going on our road trip to Lake Catawba.” Said Mr. Turner “No dad I told you I wasn’t going to that stupid lake” said Lani. “Lani, you are going on this trip because last year you promise me you were gonna go. This will be the best time ever.” said Mr. Turner. Lani knew that she didn’t want to go but 1 thing about Lani she never broke of promise even if she hate what she had to do she would still do it. The family and friends were out to set to Lake Catawba. “Off and Away. “Scream Diamond.
    The Turner family finally got to Lake Catawba around 5:30pm. “It smells like nature and it sinks” said Lani. “Well get a smell of it and enjoy it because we are stuck here for about a week.” said Mrs. Turner Lani knew that she hate nature and coming towards the woods and just coming outdoors. Later that evening Mrs. Turner cooks some Hot Dogs and French Fries that night. So Mrs. Turner told Lani to take the kids to the lake to go swimming. Suddenly when Diamond was getting out the of the lake she stumping on a rock and then fell and broke her ankle. She was crying and nobody knew what to do, so Lani and Taylor went to get Mrs. Turner and Mr. Turner. Diamond didn’t know what to do out just lay there and cry. So Mr. Turner called 911.
    So when they go to the hospital. It turn out that she broke it badly and would have to get some surgery on it if she want to get better. Diamond was scared she didn’t know what to think or do. The Turners didn’t know what to do either. They were all scared. The operation was going to take place tomorrow so that it won’t get infected. So the nurse gave Diamond some medicine so that she would feel better and it was better to take that for the surgery. So when Diamond went to sleep so did her friends and family. The next day Selena’s mother woke up and early and when she woke up Diamond was already. She scared but not anymore because Diamond and her mother had a nice long conversation about how safe it was going to be. So later that day Diamond had get ready and the nurse and the doctor rolled her in the operation room. Around 5:30 she had came out and he foot was better. She actually lived. YELP!! THE END

  46. Josh R.

    The past 2 years my family, my dad's parents, and my dad's sister and her family (her husband and one son), go to Bryson city in North Carolina. There we go rafting on the Nantahala river, and tubing down deep creek. Tubing is when you float down a river in an inner-tube. On the creek there are two main starting points, at the campsite and at the top of the stream. Throughout the trip we would start at the camp site, but on our last time we started at the top. The day before we went to the top, we hiked by it and we saw that there was a tree on the stream. Before we tubed the next day we planned to get out before before the tree wait for each other and then get back in. We started of in the stream but the water was faster and higher so the rapids were more dangerous. My grandfather and I had the best balanced so we didn't fall into the river like every one else. Since we were ahead of everyone else we got to the tree first, but I couldn't get out in time so I hit the tree but I managed to stay on. My grandfather hit the tree too. I gave him the rope tied to my tube, but it flipped. The current pulled my under and I couldn't stay up. I went under the tree, I was going to drowned, I tried to push my self against the current, but a couldn't.I just let go, I watched the tree above as I floated under it. I came back up on the other side but I wasn't out of danger yet. I had no tube, I was standing in the middle of a very cold stream, that went up to my waist, it had a stronger current than usual, I was in front of a rock, with a fallen tree behind me and sticks all around me. My grandfather came back in to the stream with my tube, so I had to walk over to him, in the strong current, and over a tree branch. Once I got to him he helped me on to my tube and then he let go of me. I shot from his arms like a was a rocket. Within a few seconds he was out of sight. He chased after me while the rest of our group waited for us not knowing we have already gone. When you are tubing and you want to go fast you hit rocks and you go slow, but when you want to hit rocks and slow down you can't. Finally a get stuck and my group catches up, With two thirds of the stream left to go.
    This story is 100% true, I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP.

  47. Thank you all so much for entering -- the contest is now closed. I can't wait to see who Jan picks as the winner! The stories were great!