Friday, July 1, 2011

Have you ever wanted something so bad...

...You can practically taste it? Yeah. Me, too.
The place we're staying has a peacock named Handsome, who likes to torment the dogs. Little Fiona's whole body is quivering, she wants that bird so badly. Finn stares and stares and stares and, when he can't contain himself any longer, he lets out a long ba-rooooo howl. Handsome just eyes them and surveys his domain.

I feel like my pups sometimes when I see a good book I want but can't get my hands on. Darn you, Waiting on and IMM! *shakes fist* So many fabulous-sounding books out and coming out that I want as much as Finn and Fi want there to be no sliding door between them and that dratted bird.

Anything coming out in July that you all are particularly looking forward to? Me, I've already pre-ordered (too many) a bunch of books including HAMMERED by Kevin Hearne, SUPERNATURALLY by Kiersten White, WOLFSBANE by Andrea Cremer, GHOST STORY by Jim Butcher, WILDEFIRE by Karsten Knight, GRAVE DANCE by Kalayana Price and OVERBITE by Meg Cabot. *drool* I love July.


  1. Aww, poor pups. Yeah, we know how they feel...

    Not sure when it comes out, but we really want to get our hands on Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Also: Lola and the Boy Next Door.

  2. Looking forward to Supernaturally too, and Hereafter, and Wildefire! So many good books! :P

  3. Supernaturally is at the very top of my list!! :D
    I can't wait for it.

    And that peacock is very pretty.

  4. That peacock is taunting your poor pup. My dogs would be going insane if that bird was just wandering about outside their window and they couldn't get to it! I'm really excited for Supernaturally too, I just adored Evie and Lend in Paranormalcy! Can't wait to see what you think:)