Thursday, September 9, 2010

Planning tonight!

I've got to write my lesson plans for next week and my next unit tonight so I won't have time to post my review of TENSION OF OPPOSITES until tomorrow (I know, you're heartbroken.).

And--exciting news, to me anyway!--I just received an ARC of SAPPHIQUE in the mail today (can I get a WOOT!). I really enjoyed INCARCERON and I'm totally looking forward to diving into it tonight (um, after lesson plans are written, of course. It's my carrot. And my stick--no reading until I'm done!). So, that review should be up by Sunday. I hope.

Anyway, happy Thursday! Hope your week is a tad bit less nutso than mine (meetings out the wazoo are not at all conducive to planning or grading or reading and reviewing. *sigh* Oh well!).

Hugs! Read something great for me!

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